Donald Trump A Muppet?

June 22nd, 2017

Donald Trump A Muppet?

Did you know that on 24 June 2016 the third most important story on the evening news was the Prime Minister, David Cameron’s, resignation?

It seems (to us anyway), that the world is changing more rapidly, becoming more extreme and diverse than ever.

Look across the pond at the Presidential Race… one can’t help but wonder if it has turned into an (un)popularity contest as opposed to a political one? There has been very little real chat about the candidates policies and more about who did what, to whom and when… although unfortunately Mr Trump’s hairstyle remains the same…

“Uncertainty” has become an overused word since the country voted to exit the EU and yes, sterling has been volatile which has been good for some, bad for others. Certainly there is evidence that property deals have stalled and investment decisions have faltered but a lot of things remain constant.

Northern Ireland is still a great place to live and work. We have great schools, colleges and universities, a wonderful vibrancy in our business community and the reasons for investing and being entrepreneurial remain unchanged.

At Upstream, we are realistic enough to acknowledge the challenges ahead but as our strapline says, we are “100% Half Full “.

Optimistic, focused on supporting the fearless growth of our clients and driven to find funding solutions to meet the changing needs of NI’s business community. And that includes you.

We don’t do mainstream here at Upstream… Mainstream banking is changing – branches are closing and online banking is now the norm. Clients expect swift decisions so as funders we have to be nimble and flexible.

Working Capital – in all its forms – is the lifeblood of any business and at it’s heart must therefore be an efficient, lean and powerful leadership team. That team can only function if it has a support system of appropriate and proactive funding.

Upstream offers supplier to buyer funding – end to end finance through the entire life cycle of your business. From raw materials and supply chain through to work in progress and product sales . We have both our own lines and partner funding to fill what we call your ‘forever’ gap . That is, the gap which your traditional provider cannot and will not consider funding – and for each of you it may be different.

As the only fully independent and locally owned cash flow funder in NI you will meet and deal with decision makers each and every time.

So are you wondering what was the second most important piece of news on 24 June?

Call us today to find out…!

And as for Mr Trump and The Muppets… Decide for yourself…

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